CPS Lectures


CPSL #19 | 05/13/06
Andrew Griffin | Mariquita Farm

CPSL #18 | 03/17/06
David Hill | Whither China?

CPSL #17 | 01/08/06
Nancy Koehn | on Leadership

CPSL #16 | 12/06/05
David M. Darst | Economy & Society

CPSL #15 | 08/23/05
Paul Sack | 10 Pictures in SFMoMA

CPSL #14 | 05/21/05
Thomas Cunningham | SF Opera 2005 Season Preview

CPSL #12 | 04/23/05
Catherine R. Newman | Waiting for Birdy

CPSL #11 | 03/12/05
Alain Enthoven | Medicare or Choice

CPSL #10 | 11/23/04
Amanda Marquit | Shut the Door

CPSL #09 | 10/23/04
Lisa Materson | Women's Sexuality

CPSL #08 | 09/11/04
Michael Wolfe | The Making of Muhammad

CPSL #07 | 05/08/04
Beth Navon | Youth Violence

CPSL #06 | 01/10/04
Diana Kapp and Christy Jones | Egg Freezing

CPSL #05 | 11/19/03
Film Premiere | My Flesh and Blood

CPSL #04 | 09/20/03
Kay Moffett | 30 'Starter Marriages'

CPSL #03 | 06/26/03
Deb Cohan and Cynthia Cobaugh | Sex Work, San Francisco Style

CPSL #02 | 05/22/03
Mark Estes | AIDS Today

CPSL #01 | 03/22/03
Jon Cowan | Gun Safety


CPSL #20 | 11/15/06
Jim Hirsch | Cheating Destiny


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"The CPS lectures are a gathering of incredibly smart people learning about issues out of the range of their daily activities and past education. Itís like the Commonwealth Club with younger people, better refreshments, and a disco ball."
Elizabeth Malloy, Writer, San Francisco

"Kelly and John are doing something good for our community...by organizing these salon/pot luck/lecture/discussion/disco evenings. The past gatherings have had excellent presenters and terrific discussions. As the series progresses, it will be great to see an intriguing and eclectic mix of ideas covered."
Evan Marquit, Program Manager, Business Intelligence, Intuit

"Very thought provoking discussion with a great group of people... and then you get to enjoy Johnny's stylish dance moves!"
Alex Terry, Vice President, AOL

"CPS Lectures offers the kind of substantive interaction that intellectually-alive 30-, 40-, 50- and 60+-somethings have been hungering for in San Francisco since the blind frenzy of cocktail schmoozers in the stock option days ended over two years ago. If you're horrified to attend parties where folks over 30 appear to perceive that Reality TV is a gripping subject to debate, then CPS Lectures is the refreshing return to Eden-for-the-mind that you've been hoping for. The topics are controversial, the Q&A provocative, and you'll be likely to leave with an sense that your brain took a yoga class-- your mind will feel opened, your perspective broadened, and your reassurance that there is still freedom of speech and some pockets of tolerance left in the USA will be strengthened and lengthened."
Hope Wedemeyer, Certified Massage Therapist, Rubb/ San Francisco

"I think what you are doing is amazing. Thank you very much"
Erin Keown, Executive Director, Room to Read

"Good conversation, and visiting, and cause"
Amy Baker, San Diego

"CPS lectures is a rare and valuable forum where one can learn from experts and peers and discuss important (or merely interesting) issues. In a transient city like San Francisco, this is an updated substitute for the front porch of the general store."
Grady Clouse, CEO,Wellinx

"The CPS Lectures series provides a welcome vehicle to step out of my day-of-day routine and consider the bigger issues that affect our world. It's a wonderful venue for exploring and challenging ideas..."
Kimberly R. Clouse, Vice President, U.S. Trust Company

"The CPS lectures are a great place to hear provocative, thoughtful speakers, discuss the issues of the day and then dance the night away. The combination of Kelly's warmth and passion and John's excellent perspectives and charming English mannerisms - and of course the disco ball! - are the keys to a great time."
Ammar Hanafi, Vice President, New Business Ventures, Cisco

"CPS Lectures is a really great forum for discussing very relevant "hot" topics of the day, in a very welcoming environment"
Andrew Brown, Vice President, Electronics for Imaging, Inc.


The primary goal of CPS Lectures is to establish a forum that encourages interesting discussions in the Bay Area. A secondary, and occasional goal is to raise money for non-profit organziations in need. Some lectures will have a beneficiary (in which case a 'fee' will be charged to attend, 100% of which will go to the organization) while others will be free - importantly, anyone that is not in a position to pay a fee to attend for whatever reason is more than welcome to come and pay a reduced fee of whatever is appropriate, if anything at all. 

Thank you so much for helping raise the following funds! 
Lecture Beneficiary Amount Raised
CPS Lectures #6: Fertile Hope $550
CPS Lectures #5: Oakland Children's Hospital $450
CPS Lectures #3: St. James Infirmary, San Francisco $385
CPS Lectures #2: San Francisco AIDS Foundation $950
CPS Lectures #1: Americans for Gun Safety, Washington DC $800
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